KZCO Celebrates 4 Decades of Inventioneering

Greenwood, NE – 2016 marks the 40th anniversary for KZCO and its brand KZValve. The Ashland/Greenwood, NE based company has been designing and manufacturing innovative products since 1976.

“We’ve seen the AG industry computerize right before our eyes over the past 40 years,” says company founder Keith Ziegenbein, “It has been a real education and a pleasure to introduce new products over the years into the agriculture industry as well as others.”  

Keith, his wife Ardith and Brother Kevin first introduced a product called the Hydra-Halt in 1976 as a safer alternative for controlling anhydrous ammonia valves. In 1982, KZValve was the first to bring to market a motorized ball valve which helped shape application practices used today in the AG industry. Their spirit of “Inventioneering”, a word Keith coined in the 80s, lives on today and can be sensed in every department throughout the company. “Free flowing thoughts and ideas are a key to finding that next breakthrough product and we encourage that attitude throughout the company. It’s what makes us Inventioneers.  I feel like we are a 40 year start up!” said Ziegenbein with a smile. 

Today KZValve partners with customers in a variety of industries including agriculture, turf, fire, deicing, road maintenance, water and air filtration, and various commercial categories. KZValve manufacturing and business offices are located between Ashland and Greenwood, NE on a 33 acre campus in a 44,000 square foot facility.  The company employs 70 people including engineering, manufacturing, sales, marketing and administration departments.

KZValve is a family owned business with manufacturing facilities located in the Ashland/Greenwood, NE area and has been in business since 1976. KZValve produces rugged waterproof motorized  valves and controllers for a variety of industries domestically and around the world.